13 Painfully True Things All Teachers Wish They Could Say

Thought Catalog

I’m a public school teacher in a mid-sized American city, currently teaching 9th grade, but I’ve taught several different age groups. We’re not all the same, but I would say that my experience is pretty average, and I know that teachers all wish we could say certain things (especially to the parents).

1. Not all students are special, and there is no way to say this without sounding terrible. But when parents constantly come to you looking to work miracles with their child, and you have 30 other students in the class, all you want to do is yell “Your kid isn’t that smart!”

2. The students who suffer the most in any given class are the smart ones. We have to teach to the test, and help every student pass the class, so if they are too advanced for the material, they’re just going to be bored and under-challenged…

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