I Learned Everything I Need To Know From Children’s Books

Thought Catalog

As a little girl, I discovered that there were plenty of sports that I was not good at, plenty of hobbies that I would quickly lose interest in and plenty of friends who would stand me up for play dates at the last minute. (To the 5-year-old classmates guilty of this, my college self has recently forgiven you.)

Lucky for me, my mother taught me that bedtime stories could fix just about any problem that my childhood world threw at me. I was never alone in my problems, whether they be kindergarten drama or boy issues, because Junie B. Jones was conveniently going through the exact same thing. I’ve accumulated over a decade of schooling and life experiences since the last time I regularly read children’s books. Even now, however, my most important life lessons can be found in the pages of books neatly tucked away in a corner of…

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