75 Things to Do in San Francisco This Summer


Summer is upon us. And for some reason, even though it happens every year, the summer season — much like the holiday season, which also happens every year — always feels like a big occasion, something to celebrate and start making resolutions around (e.g., “This summer, I’m really gonna use that National Parks Pass that I bought”). It’s an optimistic sort of celebration because we often don’t even get to enjoy summer weather for most of the time it’s the summer season in San Francisco. But that doesn’t stop us from pursuing all kinds of outdoorsy, summer-typical activities to ring in the months of June, July, and August.

We’ve compiled a big, by-no-means-exhaustive, in-no-particular-order list of activities to go big this summer in San Francisco (and surrounding environs). You could treat it as a literal checklist or just as a bunch of ideas to kickstart your own ideas around what constitutes a summer…

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